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Business Talent Visa

Business Innovation
And Investment Visa

The visas categories come in two forms one is a permanent resident visa the others are four early provisional visas. However they are a pathway to permanence residency visa the sc 888, which is applied for after the visa has run its term. These re detailed visa,s this short piece will do them no justice.

Business Talent Permanent Visa

This is a permanent residency visa.

There are Two streams:?

a) Significant Business History (Points Based – EOI): For high caliber business owners.

A state or territory must nominate the applicant. The applicant must have legally obtained assets of AUD1.5-million and have had an annual business turnover of at least AUD3-million. the intention is the applicant will come and establish the qualifying business and run it.

There are further details surrounding this visa application. To be discussed. The primary applicant must as a general rule not have turned 55. This is negotiable. All must meet the required health, character requirements, pay requisite VACs and meet he conditions attached to the visa

b) The applicant must have obtained

AUD1-million in venture capital to commercialise and develop a high value business in Australian. The funds must have been sourced from a member of the Australian Venture Capital Association Limited.

Conditions similar to those set out above are applicable.