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Andrew Lipworth


Hi, thanks for visiting our site and thank you for taking an interest in my background.

I am an ex South African having migrated to Australia in 1997. Becoming a citizen as soon as I could; about two years after landing onshore. I am forever grateful to the Australians for affording me this privilege. I am a dual citizen giving me an advantage, in that I have been through the process and understand the emotional and technical aspects of immigration. 

Having studied and graduated with Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws from the University of the Witwatersrand, I was offered a job in the export department of a major South African steel manufacturer. Being an export sales and marketing manager, I saw the world. Having visited over a hundred and fifty cities on every continent, exposed me to cultures the world over. It was an extra ordinary experience. I learnt one thing despite our differences we are all the same. We just complain in different languages.

I left South Africa for political reasons. Arriving in Australia, I found work in the steel trading space. This was an unkind experience, but necessary. Never quite comfortable, I sought a career that suited my personality.

Having almost forgotten I studied law and the reasons for doing so. Being to help people. With effort and sacrifice, I requalified and now find my self in a profession I ought to be in. Advocating for people looking to secure a better life and future for their family is something I subscribe too. Something Australia offers. Being my original motivation when I moved. Wanting the best for my family.

If you are intent on moving to Australia I will do my best to help. I make no promises. Immigration is hard, it’s a sacrifice. But once over the bump, it’s a great place to see out one’s days. And this is a great place to start the journey.

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