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Andrew Lipworth


NOTE: Covid-19 has had and is affecting the current Australian Visa and Migration Program. However, the migration program is still open. Delays are to be expected. 

Thank you for taking the time and reading this brief outline about me and my experience. Hopefully this provides a level of comfort, in knowing that I have the necessary education, skill set and requisite personality, enabling me to provide professional advice and properly complete your application albeit a visa application or an appeal against and adverse decision received.

Having studied and graduated with Bachelor of Arts (majoring in law and international relations) and Bachelor of Laws (Rand)

In addition to the above qualifications I completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Commerce (UNSW) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice (ANU), and a member of the Migration institute of Australia (MIA).

I am aptly qualified to assist with your migration and visa plans.  I am not your run of the mill professional, this is not only about the bottom line, but about helping genuine migrants, and I assure you I will use m y creative mind to help as necessary. However never breaching our Code of Conduct.

 I did not enter and practicing law immediately. Instead I joined the world on heavy manufacturing held the position of export, sales, marketing contract, tender manager. These positions enabled my traverse the globe, visiting extraordinary countries on every continent. Gaining valuable experience when dealing with people from different backgrounds and cultures. It was an experience of a lifetime. This all took place not yet being 30.

I am acutely aware of the plight of others and will do what I can to help to help those who genuinely want to secure the future and welfare of their children. Migration is not easy. It’s a privileged, one is living in the home of others; one has to adjust to their way of life. If your intent is not to fit in, I suggest you look elsewhere. Living in Australia is a privilege; sure, they are idiosyncratic, who isn’t?

As a migrant if you bring your best self, you will be welcomed and rewarded. We Australians have a great deal to learn from the other.

Having lived in Sydney for 20-years from South Africa, I have had only the best of experiences. I have been lucky, or I have made my luck! It’s a life worth living.


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Our face-face-face consultation aims to clarify your visa prospects and identify the best way forward for you

Investigation of Yours And Families Lives

Based on your individual circumstances we will look at your best pathway towards reaching your migration goals

Application And Submissions

Once we have gathered all relevant information we prepare and submit your application to the Department