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NOTE: Covid-19 has had and is affecting the current Australian Visa and Migration Program. However, the Australian migration program is still OPEN. Delays are to be expected.

Genesis Migration is an Australia and South African Based Licenced migration agency, providing professional Australian migration and visa services. At all times you can expect professionalism, discretion, integrity and affordability.

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Skilled Migration Visas

These visas generally are generally application for permanent resident visas. Sc189 | sc190 | sc186. These are generally points tested: Age | English| Occupation| Work Experience are the primary criteria. Followed by the additional criterion of State Nomination or Employer sponsored. The sc124 Distinguished Talent visa is included.


Family & Partner Visas

Included are Parent | Contributory Parent | Child | Partner visas. These requirements are quiet broad, requiring and Australian citizen or permeant resident being an integral part of the application.


Employer Sponsored Visas

This category includes sc482 (TSS) | sc186 (ENS) |sc494 (New Regional Employer Sponsored) Visas.

A job offer is essential for this application.


Business and Investment Visas 188abc & sc132 SBH PR

The subclasses included are the Provisional Business Innovation and investment visas sc188a|b|c| and sc888 PR Visa. Included is the sc132 Business Talent Permanent resident visa.


Regional Visas (NEW)

The Provisional Regional sc491 and sc494 fall into this category. One is able to apply for the Permanent Resident visa sc191 after 3-years having met the visa conditions. Family sponsored visas (chain migration) fall into the sc491 category.


Student Visas

Please follow link, to view the student agency who assists with these visas. For student guardian secondary school visas, please contact this office.


Temporary Work | Training Visas

Included are the Sport sc400 | sc408 | sc407 Visas

These visa require a sponsor and visa application. The streams are Sports | Religious Workers | Entertainers etc.


Visitor Visas

This category includes the NEW sc870 long term visitor visa. And the working Holiday sc417 and Work and Holiday Visa sc462. Of course the sc600 and sc601.

Please visit the assessment page, select the visa required, complete the form or just contact the office. The process is complicated, no website can address you circumstance. Each application is unique.


New Zealand Visas

Please contact the office for further details


Licenced Migration Agents

Genesis Migration will explore and suggest the best possible strategy for you, your family and your business. Specialising in providing guidance through the process supporting you from end to end. All visa applications are particular to your circumstances and it is extremely important to get the application right first time round.

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